Big Upadate Indusind Legend Credit Card 2023 Review

Indusind Legend Credit Card

The IndusInd Legend Credit Card is the embodiment of extravagance and comfort, custom for the individuals who relish travel and diversion. With a yearly charge of ₹9,999, this card offers a magnificent blend of advantages, from Need Pass participations for worldwide parlor admittance to BOGO film tickets, making it one of the most mind-blowing diversion and travel Credit Card in India.

Not just about remunerations and focuses, the card likewise guarantees your processes are agreeable and your amusement consistent. Whether you’re globe-jogging or partaking in a night out at the motion pictures, this card transforms each event into a remunerating experience, making it an unquestionable requirement for high-total assets people.

Category Features

Recommended Credit Score


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  • Get 2 reward points on weekend spends of INR 100.
  • Unmatched priority pass membership.
  • 4000 bonus Points on ₹6L+ spend in issuance yea
APR Welcome Offer
46% annual percentage rate
  • There is a multitude of benefits to choose from.
  • Movies: BOGO with upto 3 complimentary tickets monthly


Card Fee

Annual Fee Joining Fee Foreign Transaction Fee Fraud Liability
Fee ₹ 9999 /- 1.8% N/A

Indusind Legend Credit Card Eligibility Criteria

18-75 Years 25000 600000 750-900
Minimum & Maximum  age of the applicant Minimum monthly income ITR(For Non-SalariedPerson) Credit Credit 

IndusInd Legend Credit Card Overview

Experience the Rich Polish with IndusInd Legend Card

Enjoy the exceptional way of life presented by the IndusInd Legend Credit Card, arranged only for high-total assets people. With a passage charge of INR 9,999, this renowned card welcomes you with a variety of perfect gift vouchers from driving brands. It intensifies your spending rewards, presenting to 2 focuses per INR 100 spent, and can be recovered against numerous choices, including articulation cash, Airmiles, items, and gift vouchers. Also, arrive at the yearly burning through achievement and be compensated with 4,000 extra places.

Be that as it may, the honors reach out past financial prizes. Have a great time the joy of free homegrown parlor access each quarter and become an individual from the Need Pass Program, which clears a path for north of 1,000 premium parlors around the world. Adding to these, embrace the game of the world class with admittance to free golf meetings at select premium greens across India.

Plunge further into one of the most amazing IndusInd Bank Credit Card, in India audit, which is the Legend Visa, to reveal a greater amount of its unmatched elements.

IndusInd Legend Credit Card Features & Benefits

Experience extravagance and comfort in each swipe with the IndusInd Legend Credit Card. It’s loaded with a plenty of elements, for example, travel benefits, diversion advantages, and vigorous safety efforts, making it the ideal ally for all your way of life needs. Thus, let us take a gander at the essential elements of this card, one of the most mind-blowing Credit Card in India for all the extravagance benefits.

IndusInd Legend Card Welcome Benefits

Launch your excursion with select welcome offers that offer prompt benefit. From reward focuses to unique limits at accomplice foundations, the Legend Card guarantees you start on a high note.

Numerous decisions for remuneration on joining the card are accessible.
Partake in a Luxury gift voucher upon effectively paying the yearly joining charge.
Indulge yourself with brand-explicit vouchers from Pantaloons, Bata, Raymond, and Quiet Pups, among others, through Vouchagram.

Access limited vouchers from Vouchagram for top E-retailers and fundamental brands like Flipkart, Amazon, Apollo Drug store, Zee5, Ola, Uber, and so on.
Loosen up with a free stay at the renowned Oberoi Lodging Network.
Recover free Mont Blanc Gift Vouchers at Mont Blanc Retail shops, legitimate for quite a long time.

Get a chance to remain at Personal Lavish Lodgings Concealed In Vacation spots across India.

IndusInd Legend Card Milestone Benefits

Arrive at monetary achievements with your Legend Card and appreciate remarkable prizes. Be it shopping vouchers, extra focuses, or selective presents, the more you spend, the more you get.

. Get a reward of 4,000 Prize Focuses after coming to a spend of INR 6 lakh or    more inside the principal year of card issuance.

IndusInd Legend Card Insurance Benefits

Having a no problem at all outing or guaranteeing that your credit card is secure is significant. While the Legend credit card is stacked with many advantages, there are a couple of protection connected benefits that ecure your card as well as you too.

. Appreciate Absolute Safeguard in the event of misfortune or robbery of the credit card. It is pertinent when a grievance is recorded in 48 hours or less.   

. Get free private Air Mishap inclusion worth INR 25 lakhs..

IndusInd Legend Card Golf Benefits

Appreciate free green expenses, selective admittance to chief golf clubs around the nation, and, surprisingly, proficient training meetings to work on your game. Whether you’re a fledgling or a carefully prepared golf player, these advantages are intended to offer an unmatched hitting the fairway experience.

. Play one free golf match-up and require one golf illustration consistently at select courses.    

IndusInd Legend Card Additional Benefits

Notwithstanding travel and way of life advantages, the Legend Card offers different beneficial advantages intended to lift your ordinary encounters. These incorporate fuel overcharge waivers, crisis emergency aides, and attendant services that take special care of a great many individual requirements, from feasting reservations to individual shopping.

. Partake in a 1.8% limited unfamiliar cash markup expense on global exchanges.   

. Benefit from the attendant service for all your movement data, proposals, inn booking, flight booking, and any remaining help needs.

. Benefit from the Auto help benefits that permit you to get your vehicle fixed, overhauled, or even refueled in a street crisis.           

IndusInd Legend Credit Card Reward Benefits 

As quite possibly of the best prize credit cards in India, the IndusInd Legend Card transforms your spending into a remunerating experience. With each buy, you collect focuses that can be recovered for a plenty of choices, for example, cashback, gift vouchers, and selective product. The card genuinely makes the most of each and every swipe, offering a horde of ways of expanding your advantages.

. Acquire 1 Prize Point for every INR 100 spent during non-weekend days, which is from Monday to Friday.           

. Amass 2 Prize Focuses for each INR 100 spent on ends of the week, which is Saturday and Sunday.

Please note that:

. Fuel buys made utilizing your IndusInd Bank credit cards will never again procure reward focuses.         

. Clinical, vehicle, and Telecom exchanges utilizing your IndusInd Bank Legend   credit cards will currently acquire 1 Prize Point for each INR 100 spent, pertinent on the two non-weekend days and ends of the week.                           

IndusInd Legend Card Reward Redemption Benefits

IndusInd Bank offers a flexible arrangement of remuneration reclamation choices for Legend Visa holders. From changing over your focuses into aircraft miles or extravagance things to cash credits, the decision is yours. All reclamations can be effortlessly mentioned through the IndusMoments site, and on the off chance that you experience any issues, client care is only a summon.

. IndusMoments: Reclaim your focuses for extravagance things and remarkable encounters accessible in a web-based list.                   

. Aircraft miles on InterMiles: Convert your aggregated award focuses into InterMiles for future flight appointments.         

. Aircraft miles on Vistara: On the other hand, convert your award focuses           into Vistara miles for booking trips with Vistara.

. Cash Credit: Utilize your award focuses to balance card costs by changing over them into cash credit. A limit of 20,000 focuses can be changed over per explanation cycle for this choice.

. Pay with Remunerations: Use your prize focuses straightforwardly to pay for buys    made with your Legend Credit card.

IndusInd Legend Credit Card Entertainment Benefits

Stand apart from the group with one of the most mind-blowing amusement credit cards in India. The IndusInd Legend Card offers a scope of restrictive diversion benefits, including limited film tickets and need admittance to occasions. With this card, you are ensured the best seats in the house, changing your relaxation time into something genuinely extraordinary.

. Exploit one free film ticket for each ticket bought.

. Profit three free tickets each month until May 2023, trailed by one free ticket month to month.

. Partake in an extra INR 50 rebate on choosing the F&B choice on BookMyShow.

. Offer is legitimate across all performance centers enrolled with BookMyShow  in every significant city.

IndusInd Legend Credit Card Travel Benefits

The IndusInd Legend Card offers a scope of movement helps that effectively make it one of the most mind-blowing travel credit cards in India. From celebrity air terminal parlor admittance to exceptional waivers on abroad charges, this card covers each part of your movement needs. Whether you’re an energetic voyager or a continuous business explorer, the Legend Card guarantees your processes are dependably agreeable and consistent.

. Profit fuel overcharge waiver of 1% on the entirety of your fuel buys.

. Enjoy two free homegrown parlor visits each quarter.

. Profit free Need Pass Participation, giving admittance to in excess of 600 parlors      around the world.

. Far reaching travel protection inclusion and admittance to up to 8 celebrity air terminal parlors each year, offering an expected worth of $27 per relax visit.

. Insignificant enlistment charge with potential for critical yearly investment  funds, particularly valuable for continuous voyagers.

IndusInd Legend Card Travel Insurance Benefits

The protection inclusion is furnished by IndusInd Bank in a joint effort with The Oriental Insurance Agency Ltd. Every one of these inclusions plans to make your movement experience as smooth as could really be expected, keeping you quiet all through your excursion.

. Lost Stuff: Get inclusion of up to INR 1,00,000 to moderate the bother              brought about by lost gear.

. Deferred Things: Repaid with up to INR 25,000 for stuff delays, guaranteeing     inner serenity as you pause.

. Loss of Visa: Get a security net of up to INR 50,000 to take care of the expenses and bothers related with losing an identification while voyaging.

. Lost Ticket: if there should be an occurrence of a lost ticket, get inclusion of up to INR 25,000 to assist you with getting another one.

. Missed Association: Presented to INR 25,000 to help with the expenses of        revisions because of a failed to catch plane association.

IndusInd Legend Credit Card Fees & Charges

While the card comes with an array of features and benefits, the fees are competitively priced. This ensures you enjoy premium services without worrying about the cost.

Cash Advance Limit: 2.5% or INR 300 ( whichever is higher)

Over Limit Penalty: 2.5% or INR 500 ( whichever is higher)

Minimum Repayment Amount: 5% of the total amount due

Card replacement fees: INR 100

Duplicate statement charges: INR 100 / statement for more than 3 months

Late Payment Fees

  • Below ₹100: ₹0
  • From ₹101 to ₹500: ₹100
  • From ₹501 to ₹1000: ₹350
  • From ₹1001 to ₹10000: ₹550
  • From ₹10001 to ₹25000: ₹800
  • From ₹25001 to ₹50000: ₹1100
  • Above ₹50000: ₹1300

Document Required for IndusInd  Legend Credit Card

To apply for the Legend Credit card, you really want confirmation of character (Skillet card, Identification, Driving Permit, or Aadhaar card), verification of pay (IT Return, most recent payslip, or Structure 16), and evidence of home (Visa, power bill, or Proportion Card).

How to check IndusInd  Legend Credit Card Application Status

To screen the advancement of your credit card application, either visit the authority site of IndusInd or interface with customer care at 18602677777. On the other hand, you can actually take a look at the application status with your closest IndusInd branch.


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