HDFC Shoppers Stop Credit Card Review 2023

HDFC Shoppers Stop Credit Card

The HDFC Shopper Stop Credit Card is tailor-made for the people who love shopping however hate yearly charges. With a lifetime waiver on yearly charges, the card offers double prize frameworks: Procure 6 focuses per INR 150 spent at Shopper Stop and 2 focuses somewhere else, barring fuel and wallets. It includes a 1% fuel overcharge waiver and contactless installment for buys up to INR 5000, making it both fulfilling and helpful.

Qualification standards are very sensible, taking care of both salaried and independently employed people. From sped up remuneration focuses and achievement advantages to a variety of reclamation choices, this card changes each buy into a chance to procure more.


Category Features
Shopping , Travel

Recommended Credit Score


Check free credit score

.No annual fees for the card’s lifetime.

.Get 6 points on spending every INR 150.

.Earn 2 points for every INR 150 spent (excluding fuel and wallets).

APR Welcome Offer
43.2% annual percentage rate
  • Receive a Shoppers Stop voucher worth ₹500 that can be redeemed when you shop for ₹3000 or more. 


Card Fee

Annual Fee Joining Free Foreign Transaction Fee Fraud Liability
Free Free 1% NA


HDFC Shoppers Stop Credit Card Eligibility Criteria

21-65 Years 20000 600000 700-900
Minimum & Maximum age of the applicant Minimum monthly income ITR(For Non-Salaried Person) Credit Score


HDFC Shopper Stop Credit Card Overview

Swipe in Style to Enjoy Rewards

The HDFC Shopper Stop Credit Card offers a lifetime yearly charge waiver, settling on it an issue free decision. For each INR150 spent on Shoppers Stop private name items, you can procure six First Resident Focuses, up to 500 focuses month to month. For different Shoppers Stop brands and buys, get 2 First Resident Focuses per INR 150 (barring fuel and wallet exchanges). Free Shoppers Stop participation adds more advantages.

Notwithstanding the prize focuses framework, the HDFC Shoppers Stop Credit Card accompanies a free Shoppers Stop participation, opening restrictive honors and admittance to exceptional occasions. Moreover, cardholders can partake in a 1% fuel overcharge waiver of up to ₹250 per proclamation cycle at fuel stations across India, pursuing it a functional and helpful decision for everyday drives.

With its mix of remunerations, reserve funds, and comfort, the Shoppers Stop Credit Card is one of the most mind-blowing HDFC Bank Credit Card in India that takes special care of the insightful requirements of Shoppers, giving a compensating shopping venture.

HDFC Shopper Stop Credit Card Features & Benefits

The HDFC Shopper Stop Credit card offers a variety of elements intended to improve your shopping experience at Shopper Stop and then some. From sped up remuneration focuses to selective offers, this Credit card plans to make each shopping binge really fulfilling. Whether you are a style darling or just prefer to shop shrewd, this is one of the most mind-blowing Credit Card in India to have, as it brings something to the table for everybody.

HDFC Shopper Stop Card Milestone Benefits

With the HDFC Shopper Stop Card, arriving at explicit burning through achievements accompanies its own arrangement of remunerations. In addition to the fact that you amass focuses quicker, yet you likewise open unique advantages and offers as you hit specific spending edges.

These advantages could include: Get selective 2000 focuses on crossing INR 2 Lakhs spending a year.

HDFC Shopper Stop Card Fuel Benefits

Filling up is more beneficial when you have the HDFC Shopper Stop Card in your wallet. Appreciate fuel overcharge waivers and gain extra award focuses on fuel spent at select gas stations. Never again do you need to stress over the additional expense of fuel; with this card, you can make your excursion more affordable.

.1% fuel overcharge waiver, up to ₹250 per explanation cycle, at all fuel stations in India.

.It is substantial on fuel exchanges between INR 400 and INR 5000.

HDFC Shopper Stop Card Additional Benefits

Aside from shopping and fuel, the HDFC Shopper Stop Card accompanies various added benefits intended to lift your way of life. These additional advantages settle on this card a flexible decision for the cutting edge purchaser.

Lifetime, no yearly charges, guaranteeing an issue free involvement in the card.

Simple to change over EMI choice for huge sums.

Contactless installment highlight for buys up to INR 5000.

Partake in the protection benefit on your card.

Interface card to UPI applications for problem free installments.


HDFC Shopper Stop Card Reward Redemption Benefits

Procuring focuses on your HDFC Shopper Stop Card is only the start; the genuine energy comes when you begin to recover those focuses. With a simple and easy to understand recovery process, you can exchange your gathered focuses for various prizes. Whether it’s for selective product, travel tickets, or gift vouchers, the card offers a wide cluster of choices to come to your meaningful conclusions go further, improving your general insight.

The cutoff for procuring Prize Focuses on staple buys is set at a limit of 1000 focuses every month for each individual client.

Focuses will not be collected for installments made in the classifications of Lease and Taxpayer supported organizations.

A help charge of 1% will be required on all lease installments beginning from the second rental exchange every month.

For global exchanges utilizing Dynamic Cash Change (DCC), an extra charge of 1% will be applied.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that 1 FC point is identical to 60 paise.

HDFC Shopper Stop Credit Card Shopping Benefits

Custom-made to the continuous customer, the HDFC Shopper Stop Credit Card transforms each buy into a chance to procure more. Appreciate extraordinary cashback offers, sped up focuses on select classifications, and need look at Shopper Stop outlets. This, being one of the most outstanding shopping charge cards in India.

will offer you the accompanying:

Procure 6 first resident focuses for each INR 150 spent on Shopper Stop’s confidential mark brands. Month to month furthest reaches of 500 focuses on such buys.

For each INR 150 spent on different Shopper Stop brands and various classes (barring petroleum and wallets), you will get 2 focuses.

Get a free Shopper Stop enrollment, opening selective honors and extraordinary occasion access.

HDFC Shopper Stop Credit Card Fees & Charges

While the HDFC Shopper Stop Card is loaded with highlights, it’s fundamental to know about its expenses. These may incorporate a yearly expense, late installment charges, and money withdrawal expenses. Nonetheless, with savvy use and ideal installments, the advantages of the card can undoubtedly offset these expenses, making it a judicious monetary instrument.

. Cash Advance Limit Fee: 2.5% or INR 500 (whichever is higher)

. Over Limit Penalty: 2.5% or INR 550 (whichever is higher)

. Minimum Repayment Amount: 5% of the bill value

. Cash Withdrawal Limit: 40% is acceptable


Late Payment Fees

Upto ₹100: ₹0
. From ₹101 to ₹500: ₹100
. From ₹501 to ₹5000: ₹500
. From ₹5001 to ₹10000: ₹600
. From ₹10001 to ₹25000: ₹800
. From ₹25000 to ₹50000: ₹1100
. More than ₹50000: ₹1300



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