How to become a Property Consultant In 2024 ?

Hello! Friends, in today’s article we will tell you how to become a Property Consultant? Let us tell you that this is an industry which has progressed very rapidly in the last few decades and that is why today many students are interested in making a career in this field after completing their studies.

But for a person who wants to work as a property consultant, it is necessary that he gets information about the entire process of working in this field so that he does not face any kind of problem in doing his work. So if you are also a candidate who wants to do property work, then read our post completely and know about the entire process.

What is a property consultant?

Here let us tell you that a property consultant is one who helps people in buying and selling property, which is also known as property dealer in common language. Whenever a person buys or rents a new house, he needs a person who is an expert in property and with whose help the property is bought or sold.

What is the process to become a property consultant?

If a candidate wants to become a property consultant, then it is most important that the candidate gains experience in this field, for which he can learn the work by going to a property dealer near his home. In this way, when he gets the knowledge of dealing with people and all the information related to property, then he can work in this field.


A person who wants to work as a property consultant does not require any educational qualification, hence one can work in this field even after 12th. But the communication skills of the candidate should be good and at the same time he should also know all the things related to property.

Apart from this, if the candidate has a good command over the English language then it is even better for him because during work he has to meet all kinds of people for which it is necessary for him to have knowledge of this language.

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Age Range

There is no age limit of any kind to become a property consultant, hence any candidate can work in it at any age but he must be at least 18 years of age.

What are the career possibilities of becoming a property consultant?

After becoming a property consultant, any person can make a successful career in which if he wants, he can join any property consultant form or if he wants, he can also open his own office. There are many property dealers who work from their home. Apart from this, today there are many infrastructure sectors in our country where candidates can work.


A candidate working as a property consultant gets an initial salary of Rs 25,000 to Rs 40,000 every month and depending on his qualification, he can earn more every month.

Property consultant duties

A property dealer or a property consultant has to perform many important tasks for the sale purchase of a house or shop, which are as follows-

  • Finding a property.
  • Locating and showing properties to customers.
  • Getting the deal done with the property owner.
  • Getting the maintenance work done for the property.
  • When the deal for rent is finalized, then the rent agreement is made.
  • Getting land registered from registry office.
  • When a house is vacant, check it and find out about the condition of the house such as its condition, whether the electricity bill has been paid or not, whether the house tax has been deposited or not, etc.


Friends, this was our article today in which we gave you information about how to become a Property Consultant? In this article, we told you what a property consultant is and what qualifications any candidate needs to have to become one.

Along with this, we also gave information about how much money a person can earn every month after becoming a property dealer and what tasks he has to do while working in this position. In this article, we have told all the important things and we have full hope that all the things would have been important for you, hence do share it with your friends who want to become property consultants.

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